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Project Description

Official SunBurn open source animation library created and maintained by the SunBurn community.

Based on the excellent XNAnimation library, this project picks up development and provides full integration with both the SunBurn Engine and SunBurn Framework.


-SunBurn Game Engine 2.0.x support
-XNA 4.0 support

-Dynamic lighting and shadows
-Improved sample
-And more

Click here to view the video.


-SunBurn Game Engine 2.0.x (or the SunBurn Framework - though this requires removing all editor references)
-XNA 4.0
-Visual C# / Visual Studio 2010 (Express is fine)

Special Thanks

Bruno Evangelista for his original work

Tom Looman for the intial port and ongoing updates

Andy Dunn (aka The Zman) for the Merge Processor and ongoing updates

cjHazard for the FBX multi-take importer

Thanks guys!

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